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Dublin City University Virtual Reality chemistry lab developed by Fourth Reality

VR Education

DCU Immersive ChemLab - AAS

An immersive virtual reality learning experience created in conjunction with Dublin City University and the Virtual Labs HCI P3 Initiative.

The Immersive Chemistry Lab is designed as a virtual environment for training in analytical techniques for quantitative chemistry experiments. In this module series, students get to perform metal analysis using flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) to get ‘hands on’ experience operating lab instrumentation, optimising conditions and undertaking quantitative analysis.


The lab environment has been designed for training third level chemistry undergraduate students at the School of Chemical Sciences at Dublin City University (DCU) but has great potential as an immersive experience of an analytical chemistry lab for second level and even primary level students. 


Students will be guided through multiple modules with detailed and interactive environments, contextual voice overs and a variety of tasks to complete. Incorporated into the standard curriculum, virtual reality education is a powerful tool that will help build students confidence in the use of sensitive laboratory equipment.

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Fourth Reality VR Chemistry Lab Student Training
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