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Working in collaboration with Oakwood Agency, we created an interactive life-size digital Barbie displayed on a large high resolution screen at The Toy Store on London’s Oxford Street. The display was to coincide with the release of a new Barbie fashion range. The life-size digital Barbie was displayed in a catwalk environment, complete with a large Barbie logo in the background and logo-embossed curtains. The catwalk featured a pink carpet which was replicated in the real world, integrating the two into the store environment. Users could interact with Barbie by waving at the screen, triggering the curtains to drawn open and Barbie to walk down the catwalk and welcome them to the store, inviting them to explore the Barbie area. There were also opportunities to get photos with Barbie while she was at the end of the catwalk.

Along with the Barbie interactive catwalk activation we also provided the software and technology for an interactive Barbie fashion wall. This was an section where users could create custom outfits and apply them to Barbie. Podium mounted touch screens provided an interface with scrolling menus which contained all the available clothing and accessory options. These touchscreens were linked to wall mounted displays which each displayed a digital Barbie model. Users could make up an outfit of their choosing on any available interactive touchscreen and then apply it to the digital Barbie model on the associated wall mounted display. This provided a great way for customers to see the latest Barbie fashions, to come up with unique outfits for their Barbies and also to get some photos with the custom outfits they had created.

Fourth Reality 3D Interactive Barbie at The Toy Store
4R Barbie Fashion Wall at The Toy Store
3D Interactive Barbie Catwalk at The Toy Store
Fourth Reality Interactive Barbie Fashion Wall
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