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Creative agency, Mr B & Friends, approached Fourth Reality to collaborate with them on a project for one of their clients, Siniat. After initial discussions, the plans were laid to create a virtual reality experience to be used at trade shows to show how Siniats products are used in constructing modular buildings.

The product they wanted to showcase was there selection of acoustic, fire and external weather boards used in wall and floor construction. 

We created a 3d virtual reality student dorm room to be the canvas for the different solutions we'd showcase. Once completed we could then start incorporating the wall and floor boards in to animated cross-sections that would activate when you looked at the trigger points around the room. Varying bits of information would come up for each layer as they appeared.

On the stand we had two Samsung Gear VR headsets that were handed to users to look around and activate the different sections as they liked. Minimal instructions were needed due to the intuitive interface we used allowing the users to jump right in and enjoy the experience.

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