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Virtual Reality 

Food Tour

Fourth Reality recently had the pleasure to work alongside Bablefís and MPowered Collective for the Tipperary Food Producers to create a virtual reality experience about artisan food producers in the area. The VR tour was part of a programme to visit 30 primary schools to educate children on where their food comes from and the importance of good nourishing food through experiential learning.

The task was to capture some of the spirit that goes into quality artisan produce as well as the production process. We visited six local food producers and filmed everything in 360 degrees, including spatial audio, to be later edited and shown on 15 VR headsets in the school tour.

In conjunction with the virtual tour, all the children received a beautifully illustrated book, The Tipperary Food Tour, and a workbook for them to fill in with they’re teachers.  Some branded Google Cardboards VR headsets were also left with each school so they could view the 360 video again using their phones.

It was great to see so much excitement in the classrooms and it was clear everyone was getting a lot out of the whole experience.

There are plenty of occasions where a real school day trip isn’t feasible and this is where virtual reality can step in. VR allowed over 800 kids to visit six different food producers, from Magners chicken farm to Cashel Blue cheese, and see inside the processes, in ways they would never be able to without the help of modern technology like virtual reality headsets.

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