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Virtual Reality 
Engineering Training

We developed this virtual reality training app for IT Carlow's engineering department. The goal was to create a modular VR experience to help train students on their sensitive equipment, a fatigue tester.

Students can run through various VR training scenarios to gain the experience they need before moving onto work with the real fatigue tester. With available time on the equipment limited, this also allows a lot more students to get hands on experience in a much shorter space of time.


The app has multiple task driven modules for the student to progress through. The backend user logging allows coordinators to also check students time spent and actions logged within the VR app. 

Including realistic environments, detailed and correctly scaled models, all working with comprehensive VR interactions. All of these help to build lasting and impactful knowledge for the students, that they can bring into the real world.

VR Training, virtual reality education, vr engineering
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Virtual Reality Training, VR Education, Meta Quest, VR university
Metaverse, Virtual Reality Training, VR Education, Meta Quest, VR university
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